What We Do

The Good Works Trust has a number of ongoing initiatives and events it supports throughout the year.



Foodbank – emergency feeding of families

Good Works Trust provides food parcels, delivered by volunteers, to families referred to us by front line agencies such as North Shore Hospice, Waitemata DHB, North Shore CABs, Shine and Te Puna Hauora. These households need a rapid response to an immediate need, often caused by an unexpected family illness, a delay in benefits or a family commitment on the death of a family member.

In the 2015-16 year, we reached 1092 people – 580 adults and 512 children in a total of 357 households.

FoodTogether – food pickup centre

FoodTogether is a social enterprise offering great value fresh produce at wholesale prices, straight from the markets.

Shore Vineyard Churches, a Good Works Trust partner, has operated a pick-up hub since September 2016 at its premises at 252 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill.

Every order helps support community projects as FoodTogether puts 50% of profit back into the community.

CAP Money Course

Good Works Trust is partnering with the charity CAP to present a money course to help people – young, old, single, married, families, everyone! – to budget and handle their money.

The sessions help anyone, regardless of their financial situation, and include an online budgeting tool to keep. CAP coaches (not budget advisors) and Vimeo presentations help participants obtain freedom and increase their decision-making abilities when it comes to money. Lunch is provided.

The next free CAP Money course is over three Sundays, 12.30pm to 2pm at Shore Vineyards, 252 Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill. Sign up online at capmoney.org.

Parakai hot pools trip – whole family activity

Many of our families have no opportunity to carry out an activity where the whole family is involved. We hear from Te Puna Haurora that often the mother will take one or two children to something and the father will take the others at another time.

The family trip to Parakai with Te Puna Haurora takes nearly 100 parents and children to the Parakai Springs resort. Swimming, hot pools, barbeque and beanies/towels are laid on.

The direct benefit to the recipients is an increase in social capital and family cohesion as the families share time together and with the team. The children get the chance to be in a holiday environment having fun, for many of them a completely new experience.

This year we had over 100 guests on a magical day out.

Christmas shop – dignity in receiving

For many of our disadvantaged families, Christmas is a time of stress and disillusionment.

For those dependent on food parcels, either from the Good Works Trust or another supplier, there is often a feeling of disempowerment and exclusion from what is felt as the duty of a parent to “put on a good Christmas”. This can lead to depression, family violence or feelings of alienation.

For the last 5 years the Good Works Trust, with Te Puna Haurora, has supported the annual Christmas shop where food and children’s presents are purchased and donated to a shop-type environment where for a small payment a family can shop and choose what they want for Christmas. This payment is important in that it brings dignity and a right to choose for the shopper.

Each year our Christmas shop aims to fed over 100 families – making their Christmases immeasurably happier.

If you want to be a part of this years Christmas Shop send us a message, or check out our Givealittle page givealittle.co.nz/cause/christmas-shop